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Volunteers at Amy's Place are essential to our success in reaching Youth in need. We rely on the selfless help of our Volunteers in offering their time, talent, and resources. With the help of our Volunteers, we are able to create an environment that is inviting and encouraging for the hurting Youth that come here. We depend on our Volunteer’s help and support in fulfilling our mission statement, established by Old Town Christian Ministries:

“Believing in the dignity of each person and the value of every life, Old Town Christian Ministries strives to serve those who are hardest to serve; the chronically homeless, the mentally ill, vulnerable youth, and those who suffer from substance abuse.”


What are some ways Volunteers can help
in keeping Amy's Place successful in reaching the needy Youth that come here?

DONATE – Understandably, we need funds to make it all happen here. Please click on the Donate tab today.

PRAY – for the children and youth attendees, our volunteers, our Board of Directors and our Amy's Place Director.

MEAL MAKERS – Keep those delicious meals coming!! We need consistent, reliable volunteers to be ‘Meal Makers’ for the Friday and Saturday evening meals. If you like to cook, you'll be rewarded when our youth gobble up the delicious meal you make for them. Please see to the 'Meal Maker' section below.

MENTORS; HOMEWORK HELP; CRAFT LEADERS; – The mentoring position requires a time commitment for establishing relationships with children and youth attendees. Volunteers must be available on Friday and/or Saturday evenings to offer youth encouragement, understanding, as well as supervision. We are also looking for Volunteers to help school-attending youth with homework, and others who are working on their GED. Volunteers are also needed to lead general art or craft projects.

ORGANIZATIONAL ASSISTANCE – If you like to organize, this position is for you. We need your assistance to organize and sort through donations as well as maintaining a neat and orderly drop-in center.

BIRTHDAY COORDINATOR – Amy's Place Youth attendees are usually forgotten on their Birthdays. We are looking for a Birthday Coordinator to organize a Birthday calendar, purchase & wrap gifts, and help celebrated birthdays at a monthly birthday party at Amy's Place.

CHRISTMAS COORDINATOR – Every year we have a Christmas celebration and the Amy's Place anniversary. We need your assistance in organizing the
party, shopping for gifts, and preparing for the party celebration.

GIFT WRAPPERS - Every year Amy's Place has an opportunity to raise funds by gift wrapping for customers at a local grocery store. If you like to gift wrap and would be interested in coordinating a gift wrapping schedule, this position is for you.


Become a Volunteer ‘Meal Maker!’

We need Volunteers to be 'Meal Makers' for our two weekly, evening meals, provided for the Youth that come to Amy's Place each week. We begin our Meal times at 5:30 pm, every Friday and Saturday. Meals can be provided by individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, or churches. A Meal Maker can provide one meal at a time, or provide two consecutive meals a week (both Friday and Saturday), or provide the two weekly meals for a whole month or more.

Each Meal provided needs to be enough to serve 25 to 30 people. Please provide a main dish and a side dish. No desserts are needed at this time. Please bring the meal ready-to-eat, as there is no oven for heating. Please bring the Meal to the Amy's Place Center (1704 N. State St. - upstairs), by 5:30 pm. You are not required to set-up or clean-up, before and after the meal, but you may if you would like to. You are not required to attend the Meal, but you may if you would like to. If you bring the Meal in your own personal containers, we will clean them and save them for you to pick up at your convenience. You are not required to first submit the Volunteer Form below in order to become a Meal Maker. However, filling out the Form and submitting it for future reference would be appreciated.

If you would like to be a Meal Maker, then please contact Heidi Unick to arrange a date for your Meal. Please give Heidi some advance notice of your desire to be a Meal Maker. The least amount of time would be a five-to-seven-day notice. The sooner we know of your provision for a meal, the better. Please contact Heidi by calling 360-671-5567. Please leave your name and phone number, with the message of your desire to be a Meal Maker. She will contact you as soon as possible.


If you would be interested in becoming an Amy's Place Volunteer, then we would gladly welcome your help and efforts. Our Volunteers are an indispensable part of our service. We rely on Volunteers to make Amy's Place the inviting and encouraging place it is known to be for the youth that come here.

We ask that our Volunteers agree to the following:

Code of Lifestyle and Conduct
For Amy’s Place Staff and Volunteers

  1. I will not be a spectator, I will become involved.
  2. I understand that I am required by law to report any known or suspected abuse to the
    appropriate authorities and to Amy’s Place staff.
  3. I understand that it is inappropriate and unacceptable to date, become romantically or
    sexually involved, or invite home any youth attending Amy’s Place
  4. I will not use alcohol prior to, during, or immediately following my volunteering at Amy’s
  5. I will not use or posses any drugs or narcotics, nor will I participate in any illegal activity
  6. I will notify a staff member immediately of any violations of ethical, moral or legal
    standards by other staff, volunteers or myself
  7. I will respect the uniqueness of each youth as well as the uniqueness of their culture or
  8. I am willing to recognize when it is in the best interest of a youth to refer them to another
    staff member, volunteer, or program.
  9. I will be at Amy’s Place when I am scheduled to be there unless I have made prior
  10. I understand that my failure to adhere to these expectations may result in my being
    removed from my position.

To Volunteer, please fill out the ‘Volunteer Application Form’ below. Then click on the 'Submit' button. Once we receive your Submitted Form, then we will contact you to set up an appointment.

Thank you very much for your interest in helping at Amy's Place for Youth.


Volunteer Application Form:

State  Zip:   
* E-mail:
Date of Birth:
Work Status:
Do you have any previous,
or current volunteer experience?
Why would you like to volunteer
at Amy's Place for Youth?
How would you like to help?
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 I have read the above "Code of Lifestyle and Conduct
for Amy�s Place Staff and Volunteers."
 Yes, I agree to the "Code of Lifestyle and Conduct
for Amy�s Place Staff and Volunteers."

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