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By: April Hazen Levien  -  8/30/2010

One night when my husband and I were volunteering at Amy's Place one of the youth asked me, "Why do you come here and do this?".
I took a step back and thought for a second.
I thought of my husband. He is a good man, a good husband, and a good father to our son. He holds a steady job to support our family. He is understanding and wise. But if I had met this wonderful man on the street 6 years ago I probably would have avoided eye contact and been a little frightened by him. He used to be a homeless, paranoid, crystal meth addict... But he changed.
My husband was blessed with a loving and supportive family, they were ready and willing to help him when he was ready to help himself. A lot of the kids at Amy's Place don't have anything close to that. In fact some of them even use WITH their parents.
So back to the question that was asked of me that night, Why do I go to Amy's Place?
It's because I'm grateful. I am so grateful that God allowed my husband to live long enough to change. I am grateful that when he was ready to try to change there was someone there to help him. I go to Amy's Place because I want these kids to live long enough to change, and I want there to be someone there to help them when they're ready.


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