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Iím one of the kids that go to Amyís Place and this place has done so much for me.  I have not been doing so good the last few years.  Itís been so hard for me, when I was 8 years old I lost my mom and my dad was not in my life a lot he was always gone. I now spend my time with my Grandmother, she took me in.

After all the hell I was going though I found something that I thought helped me and it was alcohol, then cigarettes, an soon drugs.  I thought I was happy to let the pain go and not bug me, but it was not like that at all.  It was just killing me and just numbing the pain. When I was coming down off my high the pain was coming back with it.   I finally knew that when I was 15 this was not the way for me.

Iím 17 now and itís been one and a half years since the last time I used and itís because of Amyís Place.  We are in dyer need of help.  This Place has helped so many more then just me.  There are so many kids that come here and it gives us hope to keep going.  We are not just homeless kidís trying to get a free meal, we are trying to find the love we lost and now we have a Family that Family is Amyís Place.

We are running out of money to keep this place going and I donít know if everyone knows that. We here at Amyís Place do know that but I donít think the people of in our community know that.  Please help us.

~Sergio Quiroga (2009)

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