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Amy's Code of Conduct



NAME: ______________________________________

  1. I agree to respect the property of Amyís Place and other participants.
    I understand that vandalism and stealing will NOT be tolerated.
  1. I agree to respect all Amyís Place staff, volunteers and other participants. This means I will NOT:
    • Make negative comments about someoneís race, religion, sexuality, or appearance
    • Use vulgar language and be mindful of swearing
    • Discuss gang activity or affiliation
    • Glorify past or current acts of violence, sexual activity, or drug use
  1. I understand that the following behaviors are samples of inappropriate conduct.
    • Inappropriate touching
    • Verbal sexual harassment
    • Any form of unwanted touching

4. I agree not to bring drugs or come intoxicated to Amyís Place and understand that discussion of using illegal substances is not allowed.

5. I agree not to verbally or physically abuse staff, volunteers, and participants

6. I understand that I am not allowed to leave Amyís Place during the night and come back. Once I decide to leave, I am gone for the rest of the night.

I understand that these rules are needed to protect the safety of all participants of Amyís Place. I realize and agree that if I do not follow by these rules, I may lose the privilege of attending Amyís Place, a special activity, or another consequence determined by Amyís Place staff. I will be responsible for all consequences of my behavior.

I, as a participant of Amyís Place agree to abide by these guidelines.

Signature:___________________________ Date: ___________________

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