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Tribute: Patrick Crego
Heidi Unick


Patrick   Crego    December 22, 1988 - August 1, 2009

Who was Patrick?

I met Patrick during the first month Amy’s Place opened in January 2007.  Patrick came in from the cold with his dog Buddy plopped down on the couch with his guitar, and joined the other kids at Amy’s Place.  He was appreciative of the food that he received and loved to play his guitar inside and outside of Amy’s Place.  Patrick became frustrated with our community speakers and one night in particular I remember him being very disruptive and very upset that he felt pressured to listen to these folks.  After several attempts of trying to calm him down I gave up and asked him to leave.  I took his guitar, his food, and said , “Come on Patrick lets go.”  He went with a bowl of ice cream in his hand.  After a few moments, Patrick came back and threw the ice cream at the door in protest. 

Later he apologized for that but Aubrey says it was related to a song.  Ask Aubrey.

As far as I know Patrick wasn’t affiliated with any particular group.  He loved music and he loved playing his guitar.  He told me shortly after I met 2 ˝ years ago, his parents were in Spokane and he had a 4  year old son in California.  I may have misunderstood that, but that is what I remember him saying.

I hope his family realize what a blessing to so many people their Patrick was to all of us. 

Some of us went to a memorial yesterday at the park .  Pictures and poster………

I didn’t understand that memorial but I do understand the need to express grief and loss over someone that touched your life, that you admired and that you will greatly miss. 

Today, we can talk and share about Patrick.  He touched the hearts of so many people….no boundaries of age, race, gender, he was Patrick.

I know Patrick would not want us disagreeing over what he was ICP or not ICP………I know Patrick would want us to get along………in many ways his passing has brought people together, those who don’t get along with each other now getting along,  it’s a sad kind of peace.

I believe someday we will see Patrick again.  I believe he asked Jesus into his heart and he is in Heaven.  I can say it, I can believe it, and I can have the hope of being reunited with him someday.  I hope you will believe too.

Here at Amy’s we don’t  cram religion down anyone’s throat.  We accept people where they are.  Jesus does that too.  Maybe it’s not tonight or today or tomorrow, but my prayer for all of us is that we invite Jesus into our hearts to be our Savior and Lord.  Life is hard and than you die, it’s been said.  Life is  hard, but between now and death, we have lots of living to do.  God can help us with that and He desires too. 

Some of you stopped listening after the tossing of the ice-cream….that’s OK.  I hope someday soon, you will let Jesus into your life, forgive your sins, and let Him be your Lord and Savior.

It’s a constant struggle, a daily walk, but not as lonely with Jesus with you.

Thanks for listening………….
Love you all,

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